A recent study found that the amount of mobile phone users has tripled in 2019 compared to 2018. The number of smartphone users in 2019 was estimated to be around 3 billion users. That gives great potential for local businesses to make awareness in their local market. Now we will be discussing 10 apps ideas that can be created for local businesses such as, restaurants, grocery stores..etc. That could be useful to help them prove their existence.


1- Restaurant System: Restaurants everywhere would benefit of having a mobile app system to give convince to their customers and to automate their own business which helps them to relax and fix the cashier issues and ordering problem. The app can help customers to order while they are sitting in their seat and choose the right meal by scanning a Qr code that is connected to the restaurant app System. Then it will show them the menu to choose the meal they want to order after they choose it, it will go directly to the chef’s tablet which has the app system in it. The process can be stored in the cloud to help the restaurant owners to organize their income and organize the restaurant system.

2- Shop Cashier System: Shops almost everywhere are using the cashier system that is already outdated or papers and notes. With the advancement and integration of mobile payments in most countries, it makes the mobility of those shops bulkier and less convenient. The solution we propose by implementing a Cashier Mobile System inside your shop which can be customized according to your type of products you selling and can be integrated through the cloud and mobile payment system. This gives shop owners the most convenient and the best mobility to check the products and help customers understand the products sold by the seller more.

3- School Mobile System: For schools having a mobile system for the teachers and school’s offices it works perfectly to manage and distribute the work and students records. It helps the students and teachers to have more understanding regarding records and assignment also give the teacher more freedom to focus on providing better teaching model.

4- Global Trading System: Our agency is based in Guangzhou, China. Which is the hub of global trading in the whole world, Through our observation We found out that many International trading companies they need mobility toward working and arranging orders and goods and that mobility is hard to have while using a traditional system such as Microsoft Office suite and Note Applications. At RayZak we tried to find the solution for that so we developed our mobile system for Trading management. Our application system can run on ios and Android devices and can be customized according to the company business type. The application we tested it our selves it was great and smooth for mobility working and efficient effect. 

5- Warehouse System: Warehouses tend to be hard to manage which goods are coming in and going out. Most of the warehouses today are using traditional systems which is not the best solution and could be frustrating sometimes. With warehouse mobile system warehouses workers and manager can be assured to have a perfect mobile app that can manage the goods and keeps track of which goods are coming in and coming out. Without the losses of the goods and without wasting time and effort.


Finally, we would like to thank you for reading till the end and in RayZak we will be happy to build those apps for you and help you to improve. And for more information stay tuned and keep following us on this blog.